The Best Seafood Restaurants Near Your Rivington Apartment

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Although in a bustling city like Hoboken we have the opportunity to eat fresh seafood any time of the year, there seems to be no better time to enjoy it than the summertime, when we can sit outside, watch the sun go down and eat some locally-caught seafood with our friends and family.

Near your Rivington apartment, there is certainly no shortage of seafood restaurants right around the corner. Read on to find out where you should have a mouthwatering dinner tonight!

Del Frisco’s Grille, located at 221 River St, Hoboken which is about a mile and a half from your Rivington apartment, is a sophisticated chophouse chain serving steak, seafood, sandwiches and cocktails in a trendy space.

Overlooking the Manahattan skyline, Del Frisco’s Grille offers a modern, inviting, stylish and fun, environment. This eatery takes the classic bar and grill to new heights, drawing inspiration from bold flavors and market-fresh ingredients.

The Chart House, located at Lincoln Harbor Pier D-T, Weehawken which is about a mile and a half from your Rivington apartment, is a high-end chain eatery serving seafood and steakhouse fare in a classy setting with view.

An unforgettable seafood restaurant, the Chart House thrills diners not only with its views and million-dollar remodel, but also its unique cuisine, like seafood specialties such as their mac nut mahi. Plus, since they are located right on the Hudson River and directly across from Manhattan, the Chart House offers gorgeous panoramic views of the glittering New York skyline – from the Empire State Building to Wall Street.


Del Frisco’s Grille

221 River St., Hoboken

(201) 653-0195



The Chart House

Lincoln Harbor Pier D-T, Weehawken

(201) 348-6628


Check Out These Ice Cream Shops Near Your Rivington Apartment

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For the past few months, it’s simply been too chilly to enjoy a tall ice cream cone on a Hoboken street, but now that June is finally here, the time has come – you deserve some homemade ice cream to top off a weekend meal on your way back to your Rivington apartment!

Fortunately for Rivington residents, our building is surrounded by ice cream shops sporting every flavor from cookies and cream to cotton candy. Find out which shops are closest to your apartment by reading on below!

Cold Stone Creamery, located at 116 Washington St, Hoboken which is about a mile and a half from your Rivington apartment, is an ice cream chain offering design-your-own creations hand-mixed on a granite slab, plus shakes and more.

Plus, besides ice cream, Cold Stone Creamery also offers various cakes to take home such as the Cake Batter Confetti, Cookies and Creamery, Strawberry Passion and Coffeehouse Crunch, among many others.

Rita’s, located at 121 Washington St, Hoboken which is about a mile and a half from your Rivington apartment, serves Italian ices and frozen custards at this counter-serve chain with a range of other cold treats.

A great alternative if you’re not feeling ice cream tonight, the ices and frozen custards that you can find at Rita’s are incredibly crisp, refreshing and affordable. Plus, they offer new flavors every day.


Cold Stone Creamery

116 Washington St, Hoboken

(201) 222-3233



121 Washington St, Hoboken

(201) 683-6631

Where To Go for Father’s Day Near Your Rivington Apartment

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We can always rely on dads to be slaving away at the grill on a summer evening, eager to cook up some steaks, chicken and ribs. However, now that Father’s Day is almost here on Sunday, June 18, it’s time to reverse the roles and take dad out for his favorite meal for a change.

If you’re looking to take dad to a good-old-fashioned steakhouse this Father’s Day, you’re certainly in luck – there are tons of steakhouses located near your Rivington apartment. Read on to find out where you should treat the number one man in your life for his special day.

Dino and Harry’s Steakhouse, located at 163 14th St, Hoboken which is about half a mile from your Rivington apartment, is a classic steakhouse housed in a 19th-century saloon with stained glass, a tin ceiling and live music.

Vintage details such as the 150 year old clock, the stain glass designs that crown the expansive windows, the tiled floor and tin ceiling transport the restaurant back in time. Check it out for Father’s Day to see what all the hype is about!

Arthur’s, located at 237 Washington St, Hoboken which is about a mile from your Rivington apartment, is known for their steaks and burgers served on checkered tablecloths at this longtime, no-reservations eatery.

A fun, casual family spot, this is ideal for families with small children or for those looking for a no-fuss Father’s Day meal – no collared shirts required. This Hoboken staple is a must-visit!



Dino and Harry’s Steakhouse

163 14th St, Hoboken

(201) 659-6202



237 Washington St, Hoboken

(201) 656-5009

Cool Off At These Pools Near Your Rivington Apartment

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Now that the weather is finally heating up, those of us who love to spend some quality time poolside – catching a tan, reading a book or practicing our backstroke – are getting eager to find a nearby pool to call our own.

Here in Hoboken, we are surrounded by luxury pools that have all that we could want – a poolside bar, crisp, blue water and some hot sun. Read on to find out what pools you should stop by this summer.

Sky Club Fitness and Spa, located at 125 Marshall St, Hoboken which is about a mile from your Rivington apartment, is an indoor public pool open all year, offering open swimming as well as swim lessons and scuba classes.

The only indoor saltwater pool in Hudson County, this pool offers a variety of water activities like lap swimming and aquatic classes for both children and adults. Plus, visitors can also lounge on the sun deck with a fabulous view of the Manhattan skyline.

Debaun Aquatics Center, located at Stevens Institute of Technology at 1 Castle Point Terrace, Hoboken which is less than a mile from your Rivington apartment, is a great resource for locals looking to improve their swimming schools right around the corner from home.

During the summertime, Debaun Aquatics Center is also known for their group swimming classes, which last 30 minutes each and take place on Mondays, Wednesdays and Saturdays. Check out their website to find out how you can sign up!


Sky Club Fitness and Spa

125 Marshall St, Hoboken

(201) 547-6886



Debaun Aquatics Center

1 Castle Point Terrace, Hoboken

(201) 216-5590

Where To Go Strawberry Picking Near Your Rivington Apartment

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In picturesque Hoboken, there’s a perfect season for all of our favorite fruits and vegetables. This holds true for one of our summertime favorite fruits – strawberries!

Here in Hoboken, there are tons of farms located near our Rivington apartments that offer a green getaway and a way for visitors to do their own strawberry picking. If you’re looking for a fun weekend activity for the whole family, check out one of these farms this Saturday or Sunday before the end of the strawberry season!

Donaldson Farms, located at 358 Allen Rd., Hackettstown which is about one hour from your Rivington apartment, is a picturesque country farm surrounded by rolling hills and fields of sunflowers that is known for their strawberry picking opportunities.

With strawberry picking available daily from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. until the end of July, many local families head to Donaldson Farms for a fun day out strawberry picking together. Make sure you check out their great farmers’ market while you’re there.

Ort Farms, located at 25 Bartley Rd, Long Valley which is about an hour from your Rivington apartment, is known for their expansive farm which includes animals, rides for children, a small museum and of course, pick-your-own activities.

Ort Farms is currently offering strawberry picking as they have been doing for generations. Stop by today to get everything you need to make a strawberry dessert or just some to munch on! They are open from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. Monday through Saturday and 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. on Sundays.


Donaldson Farms

358 Allen Rd., Hackettstown



Ort Farms

25 Bartley Rd, Long Valley

(908) 876-3351

Try This Taco and Guacamole Pizza in Hoboken

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Bathing suit season is just around the corner, and thanks to Tony Boloney’s, a hip, buzzing spot for creatively named pizzas, subs and other snacks with inventive topping options at 263 1st St, Hoboken which is about a mile and a half from your Rivington apartment, getting ready for it just got a lot more difficult thanks to their new pizza.

The eatery, known for its Atlantic City-style pizzas and subs, has recently unveiled a 30-pound taco pizza that is only available on Tuesdays to hungry customers. The enormous pie, which costs $80 per pie or $10 per slice, begins with house-made queso Oaxaca, carne asada, chipotle asada, and a generous portion of cheese on top of pizza dough. Once the pizza is cooked, tons of taco varieties are piled on the outer rim of the pizza. To finish it all off, guacamole and sour cream are added to the center of the pie for easy dipping access.

The pizza has been pretty successful so far – they have sold about 100 slices, each which have three tacos per slice, each Tuesday to everyone from hungry families to 20-somethings to local celebrities like musicians and NFL stars that live in Hoboken.

Some of the other pies that Tony Boloney’s is also currently serving are the ‘Da Dip,’ which is a French dip pizza with house made roast beef, fresh mozzarella and a side of au jus to dip and the ‘U.T.B.’ which is sesame seed crusted asiago creamed spinach pie with fresh mozzarella and thin shoe-string crispy onion rings.


Tony Boloney’s

263 1st St, Hoboken

(201) 222-8669


Check Out These Local Farmers’ Markets for Seasonal Spring Goods

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Now that spring is finally here, there’s no better way to get in the warm-weather spirit by spending the afternoon at a Hoboken farmers’ market, where you can get everything from fresh fruits and vegetables, to locally-grown meats, to scrumptious breads and much more.

If you’re looking to stock your fridge and also support your local farmers, then don’t miss on these farmers’ markets that are right around the corner from your Rivington apartment!


The Hoboken Downtown Farmers’ Market, located at Washington and Newark Streets which is about a mile and a half from your Rivington apartment, takes place every Tuesday from 3 p.m. to 7:30 p.m., which is perfect for stopping by after work.

Some of the vendors you can expect to see here are Union Hill Farms, Melick’s Town Farm, Circle Brook Organic Farm, the Jersey City Fish Stand and many more! Since every year they bring in more new vendors from throughout the state, come to the market this Tuesday to see what local items you can pick up.


The Family Farmer’s Market, located at Garden Street Mews at Garden Street and 14th Street which is about half a mile from your Rivington apartment, is open every Saturday from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m.

This farmers’ market was created through the efforts of Bijou Properties to create more public open space and an interactive community. Stop by this weekend to see what new vendors they have for the season! They are constantly trying to make their market bigger and better by bringing in new, innovative vendors each season.


Hoboken Downtown Farmers’ Market

Washington and Newark Streets, Hoboken



Family Farmer’s Market

Garden Street Mews at Garden Street and 14th Street, Hoboken


Visit These Local Paint and Sip Studios for Mother’s Day

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When Mother’s Day comes around on May 14, most loyal sons and daughters will happily take their beloved mother to brunch or out to dinner. However, thanks to the new paint-and-sip studio sensation that has been all the rage lately, there’s now something much more fun that you can do with your mom this Mother’s Day – take her to a paint and sip studio, where you and her can craft your own paintings while enjoying a nice bottle of wine or beer.

Here in Hoboken, there are tons of paint and sip studios on every corner that would be the perfect destination for you and your mother this May 14. Read on to find out which one would be best for you!


ArteVino Studio Hoboken, located at 720 Monroe Street, Hoboken which is about half a mile from your Rivington apartment, strives to create a comfortable and casual environment where attendees can enjoy creating art regardless of their artistic level, background or age.

With several other locations throughout the state, currently on the Hoboken studio’s May docket are paintings such as Cypress Hills, Ocean Wave, Peacock and The Dream. Check them out online to see what other paintings they have coming up!


Wine and Design Hoboken, located at 1414 Grand Street, Hoboken which is half a mile from your Rivington apartment, hosts group painting classes taught by local artists along with wine tasting in an upbeat space.

Wine and Design has tons of classes planned for May, many of which would be ideal for Mother’s Day, including Shells By the Sea, Starry Night Palm Island, Spring Night Blossoms and many more!


ArteVino Studio Hoboken

720 Monroe Street, Hoboken

(551) 226-9442


Wine and Design Hoboken

1414 Grand Street, Hoboken


Where to Grab Some Authentic Mexican Cuisine for Cinco de Mayo

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Cinco de Mayo is almost here on May 5, and whether you have Mexico running through your veins or you just love some good fajitas and nachos, there’s no better way to celebrate this exciting holiday than with some authentic Mexican food and drinks.

Here in Hoboken, where we are blessed with being surrounded by restaurants and bars from around the world, we certainly have no shortage of Mexican eateries that make the perfect destination for Cinco de Mayo. Read on to find out where you can celebrate on May 5!


Baja Mexican Cuisine, located at 104 14th Street in Hoboken which is about half a mile from your Rivington apartment, is a spirited spot which serves hearty portions of Mexican grub and margaritas made from a vast tequila selection.

At this local favorite spot, don’t miss out on the burrito Texano, or shredded chicken or ground steak served with guacamole and sour cream in a flour tortilla stuffed with your choice of beans, cheese and pico de gallo which includes house sauce and rice.


East LA, located at 508 Washington St, Hoboken which is about a mile from your Rivington apartment, is known for their Mexican favorites and frozen margaritas served up in a colorful, lively setting with sidewalk tables.

At this fun spot, which is also known for their Mexican breakfast entrees, try out their staples such as the Jarocha enchilada dish, which is three enchiladas filled with roasted seasonal vegetables then smothered in cheese and topped with ranchera sauce, guacamole and sour cream.


Baja Mexican Cuisine

104 14th Street, Hoboken

(201) 653-0610


East LA

508 Washington St, Hoboken

(201) 798-0052


Don’t Miss Out on the Black and White Ball on May 6 in Hoboken

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The Hoboken Historical Museum, located at 1301 Hudson St, Hoboken which is about half a mile from your Rivington apartment, has been known since its founding more than 25 years ago for its rotating exhibitions and activities related to the history, diverse culture, architecture and historic landmarks of the city.

However, lately, Hoboken-ites have also been talking about something else happening at the Hoboken Historical Museum – the Black and White Masked Ball, a masquerade party hosted by the Museum at the David E. Rue Building at 301 Garden Street, Hoboken, which is about a mile from your Rivington apartment.

The Black and White Masked Ball will take place on May 6 and invites attendees to dress in their best black and white to be part of the celebration of the rich past, present and future of the ‘Mile Square City.’

The event will cost $150 per ticket, with all proceeds to benefit the Museum’s educational programs, exhibitions and preservation of collections and research. Attendants can expect an elegant dinner reception prepared by Anthony Pino of AD Catering and Events, a DJ and dancing, a wine cork pull and a live and silent auction.

Some of the auction items include a stay at the W Hotel, events at the New Jersey Performing Arts Center, classes at local barre studios and Hudson Table, Big Bus Tours in New York City, gift certificates to Cellar 335 in Jersey City, Prime Cycle, Massage Envy and much more. Make sure to make your way to the auction to see what other great deals are in store that will also support a wonderful cause!


301 Garden Street, Hoboken

May 6 from 7 to 11 p.m.