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Apartment Herb Garden for Autumn

29 October, 2015

As we’re sure you’ve seen around the neighborhood, fall is officially here in Hoboken. With all the different fall flower displays set up throughout our city (some great ones over at Maxwell Place and up at Stevens Institute of Technology!) and the autumn harvest vegetables at every grocery store, it really makes you want to bring the outdoors in. While Hoboken hosts many different farmer’s markets each week, as the weather gets colder many of these will be closing and fresh ingredients will be harder to come by. Keep your cooking fresh all fall and winter with this great apartment living idea.

An easy way to keep the harvest vibe thriving in your apartment is by making an indoor herb garden. Urban apartment living may be convenient, but it doesn’t always lend itself to having a green thumb. Even if you have no experience with growing plants, an herb garden is the perfect way to bring a bit of Mother Nature into your home and onto your kitchen table. Not only more affordable, growing your own herbs is also more convenient when your recipes call for them.

Oregano, chives, mint, and thyme are commonly grown indoors, so pick a few of your favorites to begin. If you like to cook, you’ll love having fresh herbs right at your fingertips—just snip and sprinkle them on top your favorite fall recipes.

To start your herb garden, pick the sunniest window in your apartment, and while you can start your herbs from seed, it’s easier to buy starter plants from a local farmers market like Garden Street Farmers Market. GSFM is open every Saturday from 9am-2pm until November 28th.

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