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Make your Rivington Apartment Feel Like Spring

21 April, 2016

While spring is slowly starting to grace us with its presence, it isn’t quite the weather for seeing flowers and trees in full bloom yet. If you are anxiously awaiting the spring colors of May, you can create your very own spring garden in your Rivington apartment!

HGTV has a great article 30 Small Space Gardening Tips with tons of suggestions for apartment gardening. They suggest opting for low maintenance plants such as echeveria when you have limited access to soil. They also require very little watering, but you will want access to a window ledge as they need to be near the sun!

Looking for some more color to spruce up your Rivington apartment? Apartment Therapy’s article Add Some Color! lists 5 different flowers that are great for growing indoors that will brighten up your home. You can also look here for even more suggestions for colorful spring house plants.

If you want to create a full garden in your Rivington apartment, herb gardens are great to start with! They are easy to maintain and can be situated in a variety of ways! Having window boxes or shelves with different potted herb plants inside or outdoors help create more of a springtime vibe. Take a look at this article here  from Gardening Know How for tips on creating your own herb garden!

Mason Jars are a great idea for planting any flower or herb. They are a great decor addition to any room whether it be the kitchen, living area or even on the nightstand in the bedroom! You can learn more about mason jar planting–and creating your own garden of mason jars by reading the following article. Start a Mason Jar Herb Garden

Other tips you can follow for creating a spring atmosphere while keeping your garden to a contained space are to condense plants! By stacking up pots, using hanging holders or recycled old materials (wine boxes and lanterns are great!) you can create a great decorations in a small area.

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