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Pier 13 Opening in Hoboken for the 2016 Season

29 April, 2016

There is nothing better than sitting outside enjoying some great food and drinks in the company of friends or family during the warm summer months. One of Hoboken’s popular summer spots will be re-opening in the coming days for the 2016 spring and summer season!

Pier 13 is located just a quick five minute drive away from The Rivington on Sinatra Drive. This seasonal establishment area allows diners to eat and socialize outside while taking in the breathtaking scenery and views of the New York City skyline.

This local beer garden will serve food, drinks and host many activities in the upcoming months. Many food vendor trucks will be stationed all around the Pier for your choice. Some local businesses that will have food trucks stationed are The Green Radish, Luke’s Lobster, Pizza Vita, Taxi Cab Burger and much more! Almost any food you are craving you can enjoy with your drink at Pier 13. For a full list of food offerings take a look at the vendors here. Pier 13 has over ten different beers on tap for Rivington and other visitors to enjoy. They also have their very own homemade sangria, cocktails, and more. See all the drink options on their beverage menu.

Water activities are offered at the peer on those warm spring days and through the summer. Hoboken residents can grab a pair of jet skis and explore the open water. They also offer kayaking, and paddle boarding for some thrilling and fun adventures. In addition to these activities offered daily, there are always special events happening at Pier 13.
Learn more about Pier 13 by visiting their website or taking a look at their Facebook page.

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