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BYOB Restaurants in Hoboken

23 June, 2016

Hoboken has a great restaurant scene worth exploring, but it can get expensive when you plan on having a few drinks with your meals. Lucky for us, there are several places around Hoboken, many close by to The Rivington, that offer BYOB service. Some places will charge a corking fee, but the small fee is often worth the luxury of bringing your own bottle of wine! Here are some local spots if you are looking to cut your bill a little by saving on the drink prices.

Sabores: This Mexican restaurant allow those who choose to dine here to bring their own bottle of wine to the table. Enjoy some glasses at your convenience—and within your price range, or you can ask the servers to mix up the wine into sangria. You can visit their website to view their full menu as well as contact them with any questions!

Ayame Hibachi & Sushi: This restaurant is within walking distance of The Rivington—perfect if you are planning on having a few drinks with your mea and don’t want to drive homel. Ayame serves up Asian cuisine including sushi pieces and hand made rolls, Japanese kitchen entrees, noodle dishes and fried rice. You can view the menu on their website for all the different options available!

Otto Strada: This Italian restaurant is close by to The Rivington on Park Avenue. In less than a five minute drive (or ten minute walk) you can savor over some delicious pasta dishes, homemade pizza or traditional Italian dishes while sipping on your favorite wine or liquor. For details make sure to take a look at their website.

For more BYOB options around Hoboken, take a look at the link here!

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