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How to Stay Cool During this Hoboken Heat Wave

15 August, 2016

August is one of the hottest months of the year. It can be hard to stay cool during those 90 degree days, and keeping the AC running 24/7 isn’t kind on the electric bill or the environment. Here are some tips for our Rivington residents to help keep cool for the remainder of the summer here in Hoboken.


What kind of bed sheets are you using? Sheets are a common problem many don’t think about as summer approaches. While flannel and thick threads are comfy and perfect for the cooler months, as summer approaches it can make sleeping very uncomfortable. Here is a great article with recommendations on what kind of sheets you should be putting on your bed in your Rivington apartment this summer.


Keeping doors closed is also essential to keeping your apartment nice and cool. Run the AC or fan for a short period of time and conceal the cool air. By sealing all doors and windows the air will get trapped and you’ll be surprised with how long a room can stay cold! If you are using a fan, trying putting ice in front for an extra cool breeze. Apartment Therapy explains exactly what you need and how to pull off this heat hack.
Keeping your body temperature cool is also essential. Even without an AC, you can feel cooler by changing the temperature of your body without focusing on the outside air. Staying hydrated and applying cool compresses to areas like your neck, wrists and forehead will help you stay cool during those hot summer days. Here are some tips for what areas to focus on when trying to lower your body temperature.

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