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See the Sunny Side of Newark with the Ironbound Wine and Food Expo

6 October, 2016

It’s no secret that Hoboken’s neighbor, Newark, doesn’t exactly have a glowing reputation. However, there is one neighborhood in Newark that’s bustling with friendly people, authentic culture and scrumptious food and wine – the Ironbound, the city’s Brazilian, Portuguese and Spanish hotspot.

The very best of the Ironbound will be on display on Fri, Oct. 7 and Sat., Oct. 8, when the Ironbound Wine and Food Expo will be taking place for the very first time, hosted by the Ironbound Business Improvement District at the Portuguese Sports Club, which is at 55 Prospect St. – about ten miles from your Rivington apartment.

The upscale event’s tickets will range from $75 to $200 and are expected to turn out 300 to 500 people to taste food and wine, listen to live jazz music, watch flamenco dance performances, view an art exhibit, enjoy hand-rolled cigars and more.

Included with a Friday night $125 VIP package which will also include valet parking will be an Iberian wine tasting with the World Wine Guys, who are regular contributors to Wine Enthusiast. They will host tastings of six different wines.

During the day on Saturday will be a much more low key part of the expo where children will be welcome, the cost will be free and local vendors will showcase food and wine products which will be available for sampling as well as purchase.

The Ironbound has historically been an Italian and Polish neighborhood, but over time, it has changed into one with overwhelming Portuguese, Brazilian and Spanish traditions, as well as one with Central and South American influence. With the emergence of these cultures, comes all the perks of their delicious food and traditions.

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