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Visit these Haunted Hoboken Spots this Month

17 October, 2016

There are times when Halloween can seem like a holiday made for kids – goofy costumes, free candy and scary movies don’t exactly lend themselves well to those who reside at the luxurious Rivington. However, being in a haunted and historic city like Hoboken, you don’t have to miss out on the fun. Check out these local haunts to get in the Halloween spirit.

Arthur’s, a steak and burger restaurant located at 237 Washington St. which is about a mile and a half from your Rivington apartment, is supposedly haunted by three ghosts. Employees have shared that they have heard mysterious footsteps, seen flickering lights or lights going on and off, a clipboard flying off a desk, whispers and even someone’s hair being pulled.

The reports spurred parapsychologists in to investigate, one who declared that the upstairs ladies’ room was haunted as she appeared quite shaken from what she had witnessed.

The Brass Rail, a lively American bar housed in a space that’s over 100-years-old at 135 Washington St. (about a mile and a half from your Rivington apartment) supposedly has ghosts of a bride, groom and wedding parties, as reported by employees cleaning up late at night.

As the legend goes, a bride fell on her wedding day, broke her neck and died, spurring her husband to commit suicide later that day. Quite the background for any spooky ghost story! The current manager of the Brass Rail firmly believes the bar to be haunted and has photographs and equipment which he has used to spot paranormal activity there. Regardless of it’s dark past, the Brass Rail is a much loved bar within our community.

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