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Where To Go for Father’s Day Near Your Rivington Apartment

14 June, 2017

We can always rely on dads to be slaving away at the grill on a summer evening, eager to cook up some steaks, chicken and ribs. However, now that Father’s Day is almost here on Sunday, June 18, it’s time to reverse the roles and take dad out for his favorite meal for a change.

If you’re looking to take dad to a good-old-fashioned steakhouse this Father’s Day, you’re certainly in luck – there are tons of steakhouses located near your Rivington apartment. Read on to find out where you should treat the number one man in your life for his special day.

Dino and Harry’s Steakhouse, located at 163 14th St, Hoboken which is about half a mile from your Rivington apartment, is a classic steakhouse housed in a 19th-century saloon with stained glass, a tin ceiling and live music.

Vintage details such as the 150 year old clock, the stain glass designs that crown the expansive windows, the tiled floor and tin ceiling transport the restaurant back in time. Check it out for Father’s Day to see what all the hype is about!

Arthur’s, located at 237 Washington St, Hoboken which is about a mile from your Rivington apartment, is known for their steaks and burgers served on checkered tablecloths at this longtime, no-reservations eatery.

A fun, casual family spot, this is ideal for families with small children or for those looking for a no-fuss Father’s Day meal – no collared shirts required. This Hoboken staple is a must-visit!



Dino and Harry’s Steakhouse

163 14th St, Hoboken

(201) 659-6202




237 Washington St, Hoboken

(201) 656-5009


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