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Take a Cooking Class at Hudson Table

19 February, 2018

Do you love cooking for your friends and family at your Rivington apartment? Hudson Table, Hoboken’s first cooking studio, has daily cooking classes for chefs of all levels. The studio hosts a variety of cooking experiences depending on the level of involvement you wish to have. Hands-on and one-dish workshop classes are more of the traditional cooking class where as the Chefs’ Table experience allows attendees to watch a Chef prepare a complete gourmet meal and those who want to learn more can interact and assist the Chef during the process.  Below are two upcoming classes we recommend purchasing tickets for.

Pies to Go – On February 25th, attendees will learn how to make the perfect pie crust along with your favorite pies such as pumpkin, cranberry-cherry, banana cream and apple crumb.  Each pair will be able to bring all 4 pies home to share with family and friends.

The Five Mother Sauces Part 1 – No great dish is ever complete without a great sauce. On March 4th journey through the 5 mother sauces of classic French cuisine. Their chefs will show you the beginnings of every sauce you might ever need such as Hollandaise, Espanole, Béchamel, velouté and of course tomato sauce. This class is for people who have a fair amount of experience in the kitchen.

Hudson Table is a great spot for private events and they also have cooking classes for kids. Upcoming classes can be found here.


Hudson Table

1403 Clinton St, Hoboken, NJ 07030

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