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Spring Cleaning at Rivington

20 March, 2018

Once the weather gets nice, we all want to run outside and not be cooped up at home with rubber gloves and a duster. However, Spring cleaning is an important part of saying goodbye to winter and welcoming in the warmer months.  We put together some simple steps that will have your Rivington apartment looking and feeling like a million bucks.


Shelves, blinds, vents, moldings, light fixtures
Anything that collects dust and you usually ignore. Not a fan of dusting? Check out our 10 tips for Dusting to ease the pain.


Wash your windows
Get help with our collection of window-washing tricks.


Clean window treatments
(Including your shower curtain). Here are our tips for caring for curtains.


Flip your mattress
It’s something you should do every season. You’ll get more use out of it and you’ll sleep better.


Change your winter bedding to spring,
Even if it just means storing woolier blankets away. Here’s some minimalist inspiration.


Change your clothes from warm to cool and pack away your seasonal clothes
You’ll see these unexpected benefits.


Donate unwanted clothes
Try one of these places in Hoboken


Vacuum and shampoo carpets
(Here’s a green DIY way to do it) and shake rugs/cushions outside. Wax wood floors too.


Check your smoke detector batteries
Here’s all you need to know about smoke detectors. Replace your HVAC air filters too.


Clean out your medicine cabinet and makeup bag
Use our guide to expiration dates in the bathroom.


Organize your paperwork
Here’s some helpful advice.

Clean your computer and TV.


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