Easter Fun for Adults

by admin

Spring is here and Easter is almost here! The birds are chirping, we’re shedding our winter clothing and Hobokeners just seem to be in a better mood with the change of season. Easter is a great time for families to have fun, especially children, but in the midst of all the egg hunts and family dinners, adults can sometimes feel left out — and there isn’t any reason we should!

 Since we spend most of our day at work, one of the best ways to celebrate Easter is to cheer up the office and have some fun with co-workers. Easter décor and games will help brighten up the routine of your work day. Here are some ways to celebrate Easter as a big kid

 Table Full 0f Sweets

Easter is about chocolate eggs, bunnies and marshmallow Peeps. Lots of them. Having a sweet table at the office is a colorful and delicious décor piece that will brighten up the boring old cubicle. Get your co-workers to bring in festive candy and baked goods.

 No-Swearing Bunny

We all hear (or drop) the occasional “colorful” language, so why not have the Easter version of a swear jar? Buy stuffed bunnies and place them at every desk in the office and take them away if you hear someone swear. Last one left with a bunny at their desk wins!

 Adult Easter Egg Hunt

Hide plastic eggs around the office and have everyone search for them. To make things a lot more interesting, add work-related coupons in the eggs like “free coffee for two days” or “leave work one hour early”. Be sure to ask your supervisor before you decide on some of these work perks.

Easter Drinks

Most people do brunch for Easter and while it usually isn’t a drinking holiday, we do know quite a few delicious drinks that are best enjoyed at brunch. Check out this list of Easter-style drinks that you can make for Easter Brunch on Sunday.

 Besides adding some Easter fun to the office, don’t forget to get your Rivington apartment in the Easter spirit! Add some spring décor or just get a bouquet of fresh cut flowers to spruce your space up a bit for spring.