Late Spring Cleaning for Your Apartment

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Spring may be coming to a close soon, but if you haven’t had the chance to do any spring cleaning yet that doesn’t mean it’s time to give up hope! It’s never too late to do some organizing, dusting, sort through clutter and anything else your apartment needs done. Here are some great tips to help you out while trying to make your Rivington apartment look spic and span.


Not sure where to begin your spring cleaning journey? Martha Stewart has some great ideas for starting small and working your way up to bigger challenges in your apartment. You can start the cleaning process with simple tasks such as cleaning windows, replacing light bulbs, and changing the linen on your bed for fresh and clean sheets with a new spring look. You can see the article with all their spring cleaning suggestions here.


Going through your closet can be a bittersweet experience. Struggling to fit all your new spring shirts is a pain, but getting rid of all those old sweaters and tops you may wish you had one day can be just as painful. Here are a few pointers when sifting through your belongings to help determine what should stay and what goes!

Tips for Paring Down

9 Rules for What To Keep

How to Decide What to Keep and What to Purge


Have trouble getting every nook and cranny behind furniture, corners of the room and other hard to reach places? Thorough cleaning can help make your apartment look it’s best by taking the time to get to those hard to reach and stubborn spots. Vacuuming shaggy carpets, cleaning inside cabinets and more will do wonders for your spring cleaning. These Deep Cleaning Tips will help to ensure that you get the most of your spring cleaning efforts.

Make your Rivington Apartment Feel Like Spring

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While spring is slowly starting to grace us with its presence, it isn’t quite the weather for seeing flowers and trees in full bloom yet. If you are anxiously awaiting the spring colors of May, you can create your very own spring garden in your Rivington apartment!

HGTV has a great article 30 Small Space Gardening Tips with tons of suggestions for apartment gardening. They suggest opting for low maintenance plants such as echeveria when you have limited access to soil. They also require very little watering, but you will want access to a window ledge as they need to be near the sun!

Looking for some more color to spruce up your Rivington apartment? Apartment Therapy’s article Add Some Color! lists 5 different flowers that are great for growing indoors that will brighten up your home. You can also look here for even more suggestions for colorful spring house plants.

If you want to create a full garden in your Rivington apartment, herb gardens are great to start with! They are easy to maintain and can be situated in a variety of ways! Having window boxes or shelves with different potted herb plants inside or outdoors help create more of a springtime vibe. Take a look at this article here  from Gardening Know How for tips on creating your own herb garden!

Mason Jars are a great idea for planting any flower or herb. They are a great decor addition to any room whether it be the kitchen, living area or even on the nightstand in the bedroom! You can learn more about mason jar planting–and creating your own garden of mason jars by reading the following article. Start a Mason Jar Herb Garden

Other tips you can follow for creating a spring atmosphere while keeping your garden to a contained space are to condense plants! By stacking up pots, using hanging holders or recycled old materials (wine boxes and lanterns are great!) you can create a great decorations in a small area.

No Place like The Rivington for the Holidays

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December is a month full of magic and fun, but it can also be a time of stress. Between all the running around this month, remember to take some time and just enjoy yourself in your apartment! Here are some tips on how you can preserve your sanity during this hectic (and joyful) time.

 Indulge yourself! Spend as much time in bed as possible in the days leading up to the holiday. Eat what you want. Read what you want. Watch the TV you like. Be completely self-indulgent. Do what you need to get done, but also enjoy your time at home and don’t just leave it to wrapping gifts and endless cooking making. Your apartment is your sanctuary and it needs to always feel that way!

 Take a walk with your furry friend! A walk around the block with your dog can do wonders. Because we allow pets at The Rivington, for our residents with cats and dogs we encourage you to take refuge with your pet. Did you know that pets are natural stress relievers? Whether it’s just lounging with the cat or taking your pup to our local dog park, take a second out of your day to spend with your pet. It might be the most relaxing part of your day!

 Get in a workout! Between the warm NJ winter we’ve been having and our onsite fitness facility, there’s no reason not to get a workout in this December. While exercise is not something commonly associated with the holidays, you’d be surprised how relaxing a walk on the treadmill or elliptical can be after a busy shopping day.

 Rest, relax and reflect at The Rivington! The holidays are a time of joy – but only if you take the time to take care of yourself. Happy Holidays!

Loving Your Apartment at the Rivington

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It’s vital to create a home you’ll feel happy and comfortable wherever you may be living, and it’s easier than you may think. Here are 3 tips on how to create an apartment you’ll love here at The Rivington.

Find Your Ideal Setup

Your furniture arrangements may make a huge difference when it comes to how you feel about your apartment. Even if you don’t subscribe to Feng Shui, there’s something to be said for using furniture to create a certain flow within a space. A couple of tips: One, don’t fill your place with too much furniture – it can start to feel cramped and uncomfortable. Two, don’t commit to one setup right away. Try different arrangements every few days until you land on one that just feels right. Don’t hang pictures or mount TVs until you try out a few furniture combinations first!

Make Your Bedroom a Haven

The area where you sleep should always be as comfortable and serene as possible. In fact, ensuring the bed itself is just the way you like it can help you feel better about your whole apartment. Use plush sheets, blankets and pillows to create a haven you can retreat to. Make your bed look inviting! If it’s a place you dream about being in during the day, it will be a place you dream peacefully in at night.

Make it Beautiful

Spend the first couple of weeks after moving into your apartment adding small touches to make it feel like yours. Add color, wall hangings, framed pictures, and anything else that makes you smile. Surrounding yourself with things you love is the best way to ensure an apartment that you love.

Before you know it, you’ll have an apartment so fantastic, you’ll never want to leave!