Where To Find a Real Tree Near Your Rivington Apartment

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The holidays are finally on its way and everyone is excited to get decorating to set the mood for holiday spirit. And, as we all know, there’s no better way to get in that mindset than by getting a real tree to adorn your Rivington apartment.

Here in Hoboken, we have tons of options of where to find that perfect Christmas tree which you and your family can enjoy on Christmas morning as you open your gifts. If you’re ready to head out to pick out your own tree, then check out these local Christmas tree stores.

Tree Barn, located at 528 Willow Ave, Hoboken which is a 15-minute walk from your Rivington apartment, brings you the largest selection of Balsam and Fraser firs in Hudson county ranging from two to 14 feet and displaying over 100 trees.

Established in 1972, The Hoboken Tree Barn is here once again as your one stop shop for all of your holiday needs. Besides trees, the store also sells other holiday décor items, including wreaths, handmade bows, tree skirts and more.

Christmas Tree Lot at The Home Depot, located at 180 12th St, Jersey City which is a 10-minute drive from your Rivington apartment, has everything you need to outfit your home with a perfect Christmas tree.

Making it so you don’t have to head to the countryside to find a tree, this lot has a huge selection of trees and is also conveniently located near your Rivington apartment. Plus, they host tons of Christmas activities for kids.


Tree Barn

528 Willow Ave, Hoboken, NJ 07030

(201) 216-1180


Christmas Tree Lot at The Home Depot

180 12th St, Jersey City, NJ 07310

(201) 963-6513


Where to Find a Real Tree for Your Rivington Apartment

by admin

Everyone knows that the best way to get in the holiday spirit is to begin decorating your Rivington apartment for the season – and that starts with finding a Christmas tree to equip with lights, ornaments and garland.

Luckily, there are also tons of places near your Rivington apartment where you can find a live tree – so no long trip to the countryside is necessary. Check out below to find out just where to go to find your perfect tree.

The Tree Barn, located at 538 Willow Avenue which is about one mile from your Rivington apartment, is housed inside the Holy Innocents Church which transforms into this holiday wonderland each season as it fills with Christmas trees and wreaths. It’s the perfect one-stop-shop for all of your holiday greens.

Beethoven’s Veranda, located at 108 10th Street which is only about half a mile from your Rivington apartment, is a flower shop that sells various holiday accents – like mini trees and poinsettias – all of which are locally grown. Plus, if you need some help decorating your tree, they can assist you upon request.

The Siletti Brothers use the space at Our Lady of Grace Church at 400 Willow Avenue, which is about one mile from your Hoboken apartment, to sell holiday wreaths, trees and mini trees all season long. Plus, if the prospect of lugging your tree back to your Rivington apartment seems daunting, these brothers also offer delivery.


Tree Barn

528 Willow Ave, Hoboken

(201) 216-1180



Beethoven’s Veranda

108 10th Street, Hoboken

(201) 217-3919



The Siletti Brothers

400 Willow Avenue

(201) 656-4846