Hoboken Irish Festival

by admin

If March wasn’t enough for you, Hoboken is wearing our green again this months for the Irish Festival in town! Our residents at The Rivington can make their way down to 5th street for Hoboken’s Fifth Annual Irish Festival.

If you are looking for some fun outdoor activity with a little bit of culture, make sure to stop by for some fun on May 21st! The festival will take place all day will music entertainment from Gold n’ Brown, A Band of Rogues, Colin Nisbet, and Clan Suibhne. In addition to music other performances include Irish step dancing, and other dance shows by Aherne Sheehan School of Irish Dance and Kerri Smith Academy of Irish Dance.

What would a festival be without food? An Irish Soda bread competition will take place at the event where you can whip up your best attempt at the Irish classic and attempt to win a prize! There will also be several vendors selling delicious Irish food all around for visitors to enjoy.

Another traditional competition that will take place during the festival is the hurling event. Thirty festival goers will come together to create two teams and try and throw the game ball with wooden sticks through the games goal posts. Don’t know much about hurling and interested in participating? Check out this article here.

Other events taking place throughout the festival include face painting, art and crafts for sale and making, pony rides, inflatable obstacle course and petting zoo. Take a look at the event website for more information!

Celebrating Saint Patrick’s Day at The Rivington

by admin

While the Hoboken St. Patrick’s Day pub crawl may have passed, officially St. Patrick’s Day doesn’t start until March 17th. With that being the case, there are still many fun holiday activities you can partake in to keep up the St. Patrick’s Day spirit! Whether you’re celebrating St. Pat’s at home, at a friend’s or at your favorite Irish pub, the aim of the day is have some good “craic” (Irish for fun).

 There are all sorts of popular St. Patrick’s Day games and ideas to choose from for your St. Paddy’s Day bash. Get in the mood by decking out your apartment – add some shamrock and leprechaun cutouts, Irish flags and green streamers. Bring it up an authentic notch by making a festive centerpiece with Irish bells (to bring good luck) and white calla lilies (symbolizing beauty).

 Nothing says “Erin go Bragh” like these Irish treats! Check out this website for some ideas; there’s mint chocolate Guinness brownies, boozy shamrock milkshakes, Irish cupcake pops and corned beef and cabbage mini-sliders. All perfect food choices if you’re looking to host your own St. Paddy’s Day party in your Rivington apartment.

Invite your neighbors over this March 17th and play a few games. Try out your luck with Irish-themed Bingo. Create your own St. Patrick’s Day Pictionary with Irish themed clues written on small shamrocks or play St. Patrick’s Day Trivia. Make it interesting with a Green Beverage Contest, by seeing who can make the best green cocktail. All the losers have to drink up, of course (maybe the winners too!)