Grab a bite at one of these Hoboken eateries with Outdoor Seating

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With the weather finally getting warmer, it’s time for Rivington residents to come out of hibernation and enjoy the spring breeze that’s sure to come through Hoboken. Besides the plethora of walks, activities and other outdoor fun happening through the area, there’s also another way to get a bit of fresh air in Hoboken – stop by one of the city’s many eateries with outdoor seating.

If you’re looking to grab a bite to eat and enjoy a nice spring breeze, then keep these eateries in mind when you’re deciding where to have lunch today!


Bin 14, located at 1314 Washington St, Hoboken which is about half a mile from your Rivington apartment, is an upscale wine bar where various vintages are pairable with a menu of Italian small plates.

On their menu, don’t miss out on the pig and olives with country ham, olives and horseradish; the baby octopus with fresh lentils, soffrito braise and parsley or the beef carpaccio with pickled mustard seeds, garlic aioili and greens.


Elysian Café, located at 1001 Washington St, Hoboken which is about half a mile from your Rivington apartment, is a modern French bistro fare and classics like steak frites served in a restored saloon dating from 1895.

Try their Dijon-crusted grilled salmon with slow cooked French lentils and shallot gastrique, their French-cut chicken breast with Parisienne-style dumplings, sweet peas, seasonal mushrooms and red wine demi glaze or the garlic-rosemary rubbed skirt steak with sweet potato fries, warm Brussel sprouts slaw, almonds and dried cranberries.


Bin 14

1314 Washington St, Hoboken



Elysian Café

1001 Washington St, Hoboken



Make your Rivington Apartment Feel Like Spring

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While spring is slowly starting to grace us with its presence, it isn’t quite the weather for seeing flowers and trees in full bloom yet. If you are anxiously awaiting the spring colors of May, you can create your very own spring garden in your Rivington apartment!

HGTV has a great article 30 Small Space Gardening Tips with tons of suggestions for apartment gardening. They suggest opting for low maintenance plants such as echeveria when you have limited access to soil. They also require very little watering, but you will want access to a window ledge as they need to be near the sun!

Looking for some more color to spruce up your Rivington apartment? Apartment Therapy’s article Add Some Color! lists 5 different flowers that are great for growing indoors that will brighten up your home. You can also look here for even more suggestions for colorful spring house plants.

If you want to create a full garden in your Rivington apartment, herb gardens are great to start with! They are easy to maintain and can be situated in a variety of ways! Having window boxes or shelves with different potted herb plants inside or outdoors help create more of a springtime vibe. Take a look at this article here  from Gardening Know How for tips on creating your own herb garden!

Mason Jars are a great idea for planting any flower or herb. They are a great decor addition to any room whether it be the kitchen, living area or even on the nightstand in the bedroom! You can learn more about mason jar planting–and creating your own garden of mason jars by reading the following article. Start a Mason Jar Herb Garden

Other tips you can follow for creating a spring atmosphere while keeping your garden to a contained space are to condense plants! By stacking up pots, using hanging holders or recycled old materials (wine boxes and lanterns are great!) you can create a great decorations in a small area.

Spring Day Trip into NYC

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A nice thing about living at The Rivington is its close proximity to cultural hub New York City! Manhattan is always just a short ferry, bus or PATH ride away. With spring in full swing, this is a great time to take the quick and convenient trip into the city. Take in the sights, maybe a show, or just relax at one of the many different parks! Here are a few of our favorite options when your next trip into Manhattan from The Rivington.

Pack a lunch, bring some friends, and head to the park for a relaxing lunch excursion. If Central Park seems too overwhelming, here’s a great link to a variety of parks also in the city that should suit your needs. Another great option is the High Line! A lush park right in the middle of a busy Manhattan Avenue, the High Line also plenty of restaurants and bars dotted along it’s multi-block stretch. It’s a great combination of the outdoors with a cosmopolitan vibe.

You see them advertised on every TV commercial and train, but has there been a Broadway play you’ve been dying to see in the city?  This spring is the perfect time to take in a show with many big upcoming Broadway performances starting now. The Tony Awards aren’t until June, but here’s a list to get you started on what plays to see.

If you’re feeling adventurous and want to make NYC a full day event, this is a great link to how you could spend your day. It includes things like visiting the Rockefeller Center, Saint Patrick’s Cathedral, Central Park, a walk across the Brooklyn Bridge, a trip through Wall Street, and a ferry ride past the Statue of Liberty. Some of these seem a little too touristy but hey! There’s a reason so many tourists are headed to these destinations.

riNYC is full of landmarks and sights you won’t find anywhere else – while it’s not always practical to live in the city, having it be your backyard is not a bad perk to have!

Spring Happy Hours in Hoboken

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Celebrate, it’s the first week of spring! What better way to do so, than by checking out Happy Hour specials at local bars in Hoboken? 😉 All of these suggestions aren’t too far from your Rivington apartment so you won’t even have to take your car out of our garage!


Monday: Start the week off right with some Disney Trivia at Maxwell’s (1039 Washington Street). Trivia starts at 8pm on March 21st, so be ready to show off your Disney knowledge, from 1930’s Snow White to the recent blockbuster Frozen.

Tuesday: Every Tuesday night at 8pm bring your friends and enjoy Bigger Bingo at House of ‘Que (340 Sinatra Drive). There you can enjoy all the drink specials and prizes – plus it’s free to play.

Wednesday: Get creative at DIY Uncorked (49 Harrison St) with Hoboken Social Sandbox. This event will involve making your own wine rack! Admission cost will include all the materials and tools needed, plus an instructor who will teach you how. This particular event is BYOB.

Thursday: 8pm Karaoke at The Ale House (1034 Willow Ave). Sing your heart out and enjoy their free popcorn and Happy Hour $5 drink specials for Jim Beam drinks and Jameson shots.

Friday: It’s finally Friday, so head on over to The Brass Rail for 1/2 off Draft Beers and House Wine from 4:30-7pm. They also have $5 Red Sangria available from 7pm-close.

Saturday: You could spend the day at Willie McBride’s, with all the specials they have going on! Start the day with some brunch which includes a complimentary Bloody Mary or Mimosa. Later, take in some live music from The Event Horizon playing at 11pm.



Easter Fun for Adults

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Spring is here and Easter is almost here! The birds are chirping, we’re shedding our winter clothing and Hobokeners just seem to be in a better mood with the change of season. Easter is a great time for families to have fun, especially children, but in the midst of all the egg hunts and family dinners, adults can sometimes feel left out — and there isn’t any reason we should!

 Since we spend most of our day at work, one of the best ways to celebrate Easter is to cheer up the office and have some fun with co-workers. Easter décor and games will help brighten up the routine of your work day. Here are some ways to celebrate Easter as a big kid

 Table Full 0f Sweets

Easter is about chocolate eggs, bunnies and marshmallow Peeps. Lots of them. Having a sweet table at the office is a colorful and delicious décor piece that will brighten up the boring old cubicle. Get your co-workers to bring in festive candy and baked goods.

 No-Swearing Bunny

We all hear (or drop) the occasional “colorful” language, so why not have the Easter version of a swear jar? Buy stuffed bunnies and place them at every desk in the office and take them away if you hear someone swear. Last one left with a bunny at their desk wins!

 Adult Easter Egg Hunt

Hide plastic eggs around the office and have everyone search for them. To make things a lot more interesting, add work-related coupons in the eggs like “free coffee for two days” or “leave work one hour early”. Be sure to ask your supervisor before you decide on some of these work perks.

Easter Drinks

Most people do brunch for Easter and while it usually isn’t a drinking holiday, we do know quite a few delicious drinks that are best enjoyed at brunch. Check out this list of Easter-style drinks that you can make for Easter Brunch on Sunday.

 Besides adding some Easter fun to the office, don’t forget to get your Rivington apartment in the Easter spirit! Add some spring décor or just get a bouquet of fresh cut flowers to spruce your space up a bit for spring.